Peggy is a new type of interactive toy that will teach your children about the value and management of money. This innovative piggy bank allows kids not only to save money but also counts and redistributes the amount of money in the Peggy-account. Moreover, it permits kids to set saving goals and teaches them in a playful way the value of earning, saving and spending money. Besides, Peggy offers parents the possibility to have an insight into the child’s development.


Prepare your kids for today’s consume society

Let’s offer your children the opportunity to gain independence by taking their own decisions under parental watching.

An educative mini bank

How prepare your kids to be financially independent and responsible? We have the answer!


Counting and Redistribution

Our Pɘggy provides a real time bank balance by counting the added and withdrawn coins.

Saving goals

Through the application kids are able to set multiple, individual saving goals and monitor their state.


Our application gives you and your kids the opportunity to interact with Pɘggy on multiple levels.

Parental watching

You have at any time the possibility look at your kids’ development and financial behavior.

Let’s be in charge

Through the application the child is able to see the amount of money on its Pɘggy-account, set saving goals and define the amount of money it wants to withdraw. Parents on the other hand are able to get a good overview about the child’s development.

Application render

Team members

Profile picture of Michael Hayoz
  • Michael Hayoz
  • Electronic Engineering
    Firmware Engineering

Profile picture of Nicolas Ducotterd
  • Nicolas Ducotterd
  • Industrial Design
    Mechanical Engineering

Profile picture of Bruno Produit
  • Bruno Produit
  • Software Engineering

Profile picture of Anja Lazzeri
  • Anja Lazzeri
  • Business

Profile picture of Gion Herren
  • Gion Herren
  • Electronic Engineering
    Firmware Engineering

Profile picture of Yann Renevey
  • Yann Renevey
  • Mechanical Engineering

Profile picture of Florian Chappuis
  • Florian Chappuis
  • Business
    User Experience

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