By Vignesh Venkatachalam January 30, 2018 Discover Guido project

Hi, my name is Vignesh Venkatachalam. I’m the business representative for the CHIC Team in Geneva.

I’m currently in the last year of the bachelor’s degree at the HEG. Ever since my exchange semester in Denmark, I’ve discovered that I’m quite passionate about entrepreneurship, technology and design. Thanks to my first real startup experience in Copenhagen, I developed an interdisciplinary set of skills focusing on these areas. As I grow, I aim to collaborate actively in challenging projects by solving critical problems.

Here are a few things about me that I’d like to share with you!

Me at Rosklide Festival 2017

Me at Rosklide Festival 2017

I’ve spent most of my life in Switzerland, the country of chocolates and watches, the birthplace of yodel and overall the ideal place for individuals to achieve their dreams. Originally, I am from India, the country of spices and festivals, the birthplace of yoga and an incredible place to experience life!

Ever since I was young, I have been lucky to be surrounded by inspiring creative people from where originates my love and interest for all forms of Art. I like to spend time looking for inspiration and developing my creative side whether it’s through music or visuals. I particularly enjoy mixing this passion with technology. Which means that over the past years I’ve been learning how to code and, in my spare time, been experimenting on how to combine both data and arts in meaningful ways.

After getting back from an inspiring semester abroad, I was given the opportunity to join an innovative startup called Goodwall where we help students around the world showcase their achievements while developing themselves on a personal and professional level!

Thanks to both the amazing team there and my Ikare teammates, I realized that helping people live their life to the fullest and achieve whatever they set their minds to, is truly something that energizes and inspires me on a daily basis.

By being part of the Ikare team of CHIC, I hope to develop a solid understanding on how to create solutions and products from conception to launch. My main objective during this adventure is to help the designers and engineers make their ideas a reality and would like to become the person they can rely on to get things done. Since the start of this adventure, my role has been to try and establish a common language within our team and going forward, I’ll be making sure that everyone gets proper feedback about the solutions they are coming up with.

To end, the problem & solution exploration phases of CHIC have been tremendous learning experiences and I look forward to what the program has in store for us! As our milestones become more challenging, I’m excited to put into application everything I’m learning from the CHIC platform and our cool supervisors!

I’m proud to be able to participate in CHIC and proud to be part of TEAM IKARE! Stay tuned for more news about our experience in Geneva and see you all at MS2! 😉

See you around!