MS4 – DONE !

By Giulia Lécureux April 19, 2019 Discover NOX project

Hello everyone,

Last Wednesday we had the presentation of the Milestone 4.

As we previously explained, we decided to completely re-think the design of our lamps, since it was costly to produce, quite complicate to prototype, and we are gently running short of time.

therefore, we presented a new design, which is still a work in progress since our designer came out with this idea a few days ago only.

We kept all the element from before: movement mechanisms, two interconnected lamps, motion sensors, and light changing color and intensity. But with a more straightforward form. With this design, we also have a better vision of the material we want to use:

  • Wood for the three legs,
  • A central plastic piece that will hold the electronics parts and the motors,
  • Either fabrics or PVC tube for the upper and lower part.
  • The new mechanisms will now be a rotative one, instead of an up-and-down movement.

Our engineers are over with their exam and now have their full time to work on the project, so it’s time to go fast, but to go well!