Let’s make our lunchbox real!

By Damien Buchs February 21, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016

After having been selected by the jury of CHIC by presenting our surrealistic concept, this is time to make it real…!

Eating at lunch can represent a problem for many people who want to deliberate on their feeding in harmony with their routines. Bringing their food and warming it without wasting time can be frustrating when microwaves are not accessible. In this case, a few alternatives exist, either to bring a cold lunch or to invest time and money looking for an acceptable meal.

Our goal is to provide a solution for those people with our challenging concept: Heabox.

Heabox is a connected portable lunchbox that brings your food to suitable temperature for consumption. Our lunchbox would allow to carry a meal and bring it to a comfortable temperature for eating, using energy from a battery. An App would serve as an interface for set up personalized features of the box such as heating scheduling or heating power.

Let’s Go!

By this timeline oriented blog, you will weekly follow our challenge started from an idea to a first minimum viable product. We will also share with you our crazy world, our deep desperation and our huge happiness!