Starting by coordinating and brainstorming

By Damien Buchs March 3, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016

As a first step, we need to structure and to coordinate our team in order to be as efficient as possible all along the conception. We have therefore clarified responsibilities of each member, team rules, softwares and applications that we will use. We have also established a weekly get-together meeting for sharing key information such as what we have accomplished or which obstacles we have encountered during our previous week.

After those formal tasks, we have started to brainstorm and to iterate sketches. The Value Proposition Canvas designed by A.Osterwalder and Y.Pigneur was a great point for creating a shared language and to have a better teamwork.


We have also last but not least talk about common problems and constrains that solutions have to be founded quickly. Regarding those problems, our knowledge sharing allied with expert members in those domains would rapidly solve it. Hopefully soon…

Keep calm and carry on!