Milestone 2: Done!

By Damien Buchs May 4, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016

Last week, we were excited to present our progression to the CHIC Jury and to the rest of the audience. In only 15 minutes, we have to present one month of hard work. Going to the essential in respecting every key element is not an easy job.


Best team ever!

The CHIC Jury was surprised about our progression compared to the previous milestone. However, as a challenging prototype, we have encountered delays on some specific tasks such as in the mechanical design.

As you may slightly notice on the upper picture, we have iterated our product design:


We are still improving our design. Leo is working hard to offer the best user experience ever taking into account all constrains.

At the end of this milestone, we received great and useful feedback and are still working on building the best lunchbox ever!

Stay tuned!