Kick-off: let’s get that pump pumpin’!

By Tobia Wyss February 19, 2017 Edition CHIC 2016-2017Discover Livelo project

16900310_10211432765444307_862048588_nIn the last weeks and months we worked intensively on understanding and developing our problem, through our contact person inside the ICRC and contacts to other people in different domains (geological, humanitarian, communication…). We also met during the holiday to brainstorm and discuss the different parts of the problem and all the aspects we ve to take into account to develop a solution. That allowed us to o fully profit from the kick-off day.


During this day we were able to throughly rediscuss our Minimum Value Proposition (MVP) together with our supervisors. Their advice and experience has been very useful to redefine our strategies for the coming weeks.

To concretize the day’s work, we finally built a quick cardboard prototype in order to visualize our ideas and present it to the other teams at the end of the day.