Give your students the possibility to go from a blank sheet of paper to a functional prototype

Key institutional benefits


An innovative way to apply competences acquired in the classroom participating in the development of transversal skills (e.g., project, team and intercultural management)


All pedagogical materials for faculty members and for students through our online collaborative platform


As part of our community of hardware innovators you will be able to collaborate with other learning organizations in Switzerland and China



To participate in CHIC you need to assemble one or several interdisciplinary team(s) of students with competences in engineering, design and business. Specific profiles depend on the type of device developed by each team


To run CHIC in your institution you need to identify faculty members to coordinate an edition and supervise students.


To maintain a high-level of involvement throughout the program we strongly recommend to link CHIC with a credited course/project

Combining knowledge and practical elements of engineering, design and business, CHIC offers a unique learning opportunity for students keen to push the boundaries of their discipline.

Prof. Thomas David, Dean of College of Humanities, EPFL

CHIC is a singular opportunity for students to build in team work the actual conditions of a product innovation.

Thibault Estier - Director of Master in Information Systems - HEC Lausanne

With CHIC projects, students will acquire a very precious skill that is not ‘trainable’ any other way. Designers, marketers and engineers working closely together with a single goal.

Camille Scherrer - Lecturer - HEAD

Excellent way for students from different schools & domaines to talk and work together.

René Beuchat - Professor - HEPIA

CHIC is hands-on, practice-based, collaborative, a true learning experience.

Lysianne Lechot Hirt - Professor and Head of Teaching coordination - HEAD

Imagine engineers, designers and marketers working together towards a common goal and having fun together. You may think that this is a dream but this happens with CHIC.

Serge Ayer - Professor - HEIA

CHIC is about real life, and real life is complex, collaborative, interdisciplinary, intercultural, and so exciting!

Alexandre Caboussat - Lecturer and Chairman of Department of International Business Management - HES-GE

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