There was no time wasted today

By Rihab Hammami February 19, 2017 Edition CHIC 2016-2017Discover Trobak, give value to your waste project

We are proud to present you our first cardboard mock-up ! Yes it’s hard to believe but it’s not working yet…

Let’s be serious for a bit, we spent the day discussing our idea and try to define what we want it to do exactly. We defined the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with this sentence :

Create a playful, clean and well designed composter that fits kitchens of all sizes and produces a compost without smell or any feeling of disgust for the user

We now know exactly what we want our composter to do, but now we have to think about the way it will proceed to the compost creation. What kind of shredder will we use? Will we use bacterias (Bokashi) or composter worms? The road is still long but we now have a map to follow.

Stay tuned !

capture-decran-2017-02-19-a-18-27-54 capture-decran-2017-02-19-a-18-28-42