Week 1

By Nicolas Li February 27, 2017 Edition CHIC 2016-2017Discover Livelo project

This week, we mainly brainstormed the different solutions we could implement for the different parts of our device. It is actually composed of three main parts:

  • the communication module,
  • the energy module and
  • the sensor module.

Each part constitutes a challenge. For the communication, we need to find a cheap solution able to create a wide network. However, the GSM coverage is weak in the countries where we want to implement our device and satellite communication is expensive. Concerning the energy part, we should not use solar panels (if possible) since they might be stolen and have to be maintained. Using the mechanical energy of the pump user may be a better solution but its implementation is difficult to imagine since we do not have access to a real pump yet. Last but not least, the sensor part will be quite expensive if we have to connect it to the communication module with a 60-meter wire. Therefore we are wondering if we could develop a wireless sensor, which we would put in the pump valve.

We also met several people working in embedded systems field and hydrogeologists who helped us to deal with these challenges. Through these discussions we found out that the key is to innovate with the combination of the three main aspects described above.

Meanwhile, a contact working in Geneva managed to let us participate in the Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day (G3ID), an annual event whose goal is to help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by collaborating better. We will pitch our project on March 24th!