1st week

By Alessandro Mascheroni February 28, 2017 Edition CHIP 2016-2017Discover Airaware project

Hi everybody,

We are working hard this first week to analyze the possible solutions for our idea regarding the following aspects: Electronic, Software, Business and Design.

Each one of our team members is doing his best to use his skills and knowledge in order to discover solutions. For each of them there are pros and cons, we are now trying to find the optimal choice.

For the electronic solution design, we selected CPUs, wireless communication types, sensor and accessories. We will talk with the hardware experts at USI university to decide if our selection will work properly.

Our software engineers are looking at different possible architectures and technologies that fit our data model and possible needs that our target group has.

The business and design guys are working hard to find different business models and different prototype sketches that can allow our product to take off and become a useful and desired tool.


We are motivated and looking forward to continue with the next step.



Team Ticino