Week 2 – Still going strong

By Rihab Hammami March 4, 2017 Edition CHIC 2016-2017Discover Trobak, give value to your waste project

This week was a great week ! We had a really productive meeting on Thursday during which we decided to study what the product available on the market are capable of.

In order to do so we ordered a compost that uses¬†“Bokashi” (bran powder mixed with some bacterias that accelerate the transformation process of food waste into usable compost). We want to make some test and see how odorless this option could be.

During that time, Dylan, our designer made some sketches (see below) of the ideas that came out during the meeting. You can see that, beyond the fact that they look very cool, we are on a very early stage of the creation of the product. We don’t know if we want to include a shredder into the bin, we know that we’ll have to think about including a tank to avoid people having to drain the “compost juice” every two or three days, and there are a lot of other interrogations that we’ll keep for us for now.

After that, our business and project manager finally finished the survey and we started to spread it on social medias. You can answer it by clicking here for English speaker and here for French speakers. We’d be glad if you give us two minutes (literally two minutes!) of your time, it would help us a lot to get to develop the product people want!

Again, we hope that you’ll keep passing by on our blog and don’t hesitate to share your opinions, ideas or critics by commenting our posts !

See you soon for more exciting news !

Cheers !