2nd week

By Alessandro Mascheroni March 7, 2017 Discover Airaware project

During this week, we continued our work on designing the air pollution detection device.


We had a meeting with one electronics expert at USI to discuss what is the best hardware solution for our design. We talked through the sensor selection, wireless communication selection and the power management. After the meeting, we created the functional block diagram of the product.


Based on this we fill in the material shopping list with all the components needed. After purchase these materials we will start our breadboard testing work.


In addition, with regards to Software engineering, after a lot of discussions we definitely selected the general architecture and technologies we are going to use in implementation step. We chose programming languages to use for back end, front end and for the communications with the firmware,moreover we had a meeting with a Professor expert in data management at SUPSI university, thanks to which we were able to select the best solution for our database architecture.




Our path to the final device is still very long, but we are more motivated than ever.



Ticino team