Week 3 – Data Processing and discussions

By Rihab Hammami March 12, 2017 Discover Trobak, give value to your waste project

Hey people !

This week has been pretty important since we started processing the datas we got from the online survey we disseminated through the internet. It’s not gonna be easy since we managed to get 550 people participating!

Unfortunately we couldn’t get as much answers from people over 45 years old as we expected, but it’s fine, we’re working on that issue. We prepared a screener and an interview flow in order to find participant to a personal interview in the next few days/weeks.

Our engineers are still working on how the product will process the food waste and what kind of sensors we should include into it. The results of our survey showed us that people are really enthusiast about growing their own aromatic plants at home so we decided to try and find a way to include this feature in our composter.

That decision lead us to a lot of different discussions about how it should be done and the designers now have to think about that possibility also.

Knowing this we adapted our Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas.

See you next week to take stock of the situation and on the progress we’ll make by then !