Week 3 – Slight turnaround

By Nicolas Li March 13, 2017 Discover Livelo project

At the beginning of last week, an important meeting with an hydrogeologist of the ICRC led us to change dramatically our former specifications. What the ICRC really wants is a low-cost and robust device, adaptable to any kind of water point and measuring up to 100 meters of water. Regarding data, it seems there was a misunderstanding between our team and the ICRC since the live communication is not needed: a technician will come every 6 months to collect the data, which are aimed at hydrogeologists.

All these information did a pretty huge change in our reflections and our work, since instead of three modules, our goal is henceforth to make one tiny reliable module combining the sensor, a battery and a wireless communication system. In that sense, it might simplify a bit the design process. All the team is reworking on the specifications, the sketches and materials choices and the beginning of the electronic part, which will be presented in two weeks for the first Milestone!