Week 4

By Nicolas Li March 21, 2017 Discover Livelo project

This is the 4th week. Following the turnaround we got last week, we thought of different concepts and configurations for our device: should it be molded? should it be encased in a metal tube with lids and threads? Each version has its own advantages and disadvantages. Eventually our designer came up with a very interesting idea: using PET preforms to encase the electronic part of the device. Those are cheap, easy to find and resistant! Some renders and sketches are to come soon!

At the same time, we worked on the electronic part as well. We started to design the PCB and to work on the communication system which will be based on NFC (Near Field Communication). We also ordered the different important electrical components we need and started to prepare the first electrical layout on a breadboard for the coming milestone.

See you next week, after the first milestone and the G3ID!