week 4

By Alessandro Mascheroni March 23, 2017 Discover Airaware project

Hi everyone,

This week, after some discussion into the group, we decided to modify the database structure, and our software engineer continued coding the back-end part of our project.

After we collaborated on the inspiration board (available at this link https://amb-1.com/11661865 ), we created our first round of sketches about the product. We envision the modular object that consists of a baseplate with all the electronic components and a screwable extension with is partly transparent and is going to be illuminated by the LED on the baseplate. The extension is designed to give the product a personal touch that follow through the childhood.

Moreover we started thinking about user interviews. Given the fact our main target are chinese parents, we encountered some difficulties managing the interview, because we can’t meet them in person. We are thinking about using different strategies like online surveys, social network and of course to interview people who Yang is in contact with.



Ticino team