Hey ! Long time no see !

By Rihab Hammami April 4, 2017 Discover Trobak, give value to your waste project

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while. We all had a lot of thing to do and we kind of forgot to keep you up to date. Sorry for that 🙂

A lot happened since our last post, the first milestone is already more than a week back now and you probably wondering what we presented then. Here it is, the very first design of our intelligent composter :

Looks nice right? To make you understand what we thought here; The food gets in the first compartment all the way up. We imagined a security system that block the access to the shredders below when the trap is open. Once the latter closed, the food fall right into the shredders and then continues its journey until the very end of the box where it will turn into compost. For the odors, we are making different test at the moment and we’re trying to develop our very own “magic powder”. Don’t worry, the word magic isn’t there because we’re hoping for magic to happens, we already working on a powder containing baking soda, coconut shell powder and bokashi powder, but more about that in the next few weeks 🙂

For your eyes only the first 3D modeling made by our designer :


Doesn’t it look nice? It will probably change a lot by the time we’ll be done, but still…

Our engineers also did a great job and worked on the block diagram circuit you can see right here : 


We took the feedbacks from the different people who attended our presentation and we are thinking about a way to include those modification to our object.

The road is still long, but we’re pumped !

See you soon !