Week 7

By Alessandro Mascheroni April 12, 2017 Discover Airaware project

Hi everyone,

This week we continued coding the backend part of our device, we implemented different core functionalities that will allow our Android application to interact with the database and manage data. Now there’s the possibility to add new user (I.E parents) to the database and for each of them add new child and event with the related pollution and gps values. Our software engineer keep working hard in order to implement strong and safety code.
Last week we presented the wireframes to the supervisors and during this week we are incorporating their feedback to finalize the output.



Regarding the Hardware part, we tested the GP-735T GPS receiver. It receives the location and timestamp accurately outdoors. The signal weakens quickly when go indoors. The next step will be storing both the dust sensor measures and GPS information into the EEPROM memory.



Ticino Team.