Week 8

By Nicolas Li April 14, 2017 Discover Livelo project

The past two weeks were essentially dedicated to the electronic part of the device. The first version of the PCB has been designed and its production was launched. We hope we can get it by the end of the holidays. The other important part is about the microcontroller. It took us quite much time to familiarize with it, especially because the one we chose is not widespread as Arduino microcontrollers can be. This means we have to write the whole code by ourselves from scratch! At the moment, the pressure sensor is about to work and the next step is to implement the NFC functionality.

Concerning the body of the probe, we are still contacting and looking for companies which could provide us with PET preformed samples so that we can design the lid and test the waterproofing of such a device. Since companies usually sell huge amounts of these, it is difficult to ask for a few samples…

At this stage we have entered a field where none of us is at ease with and even though it is sometimes difficult to move forward, such challenges are very exciting!