Yes. We definitely need more regularity !

By Rihab Hammami May 9, 2017 Discover Trobak, give value to your waste project

Hello people !

As said in the title of this post, we need to post on a more regular basis. We’ll work on it we promise !

So, what’s new since last time? A lot honestly… We reached milestone n°2 and the least we can say is that we’re not in advance! We lost some time due to some changes we made not only in the design and technology of our product but also on its main function. Our studies made us realize some really important point about composting and its process so now we are more likely to produce something that works as we want it to.

Now let’s proceed by areas of knowledge:

Business : We finally named our composter ! We went through a long process and we’re now proud to present you the name we chose : “Trobak”.
Why Trobak you ask? Because we want to throwback food waste where it came from, our earth. Logic isn’t it? 🙂 This is how we’ll refer to our smart composter from now on, so please keep it mind! We also defined a brand identity, and vision for our product, work in progress so stay tuned !

We also conducted some interviews to know more about the customers’ desires and habits. We learned a lot but these results won’t be included to our project since our teachers suggested us to focus on one main product before thinking of different versions.

Engineering : We arrested our choices on the motor we’ll use and we decided, based on the learnings, to use an “endless-screw” in order to stir the compost during the process. Valérie’s PCB is working fine and so are the wi-fi properties. In a mechanical point of view, Pierre and Dylan our designer are working hand in hand in order to save time and optimize space & technology. Hopefully, there won’t be any change in that area.

Design: Erika is working on the brand identity and on the phone app we’ll use to connect to Trobak and get the compost informations. She’s also reworking the first logo we presented during the second milestone. Dylan as said, works on the industrial design of Trobak in collaboration with our engineers. Now that everything seems to be definitive real mock-ups should be ready real soon.



Before we go, we sadly have to announce the defection of our friend and colleague Marc that had to leave the project for personal reasons. We wish him all the best and hope we’ll get to amaze him with a project he worked on with passion.


See you soon for new infos about our project’s progress !