Making some tests, sharing with researchers from abroad

By Rihab Hammami May 16, 2017 Discover Trobak, give value to your waste project

Hello everyone !
Nice logo isn’t it? After long discussions and iterations, Erika our designer created this logo so we can use it from now on to communicate on our product more easily.

What’s new since we last posted?
Well we met a team of biologists and researchers that work in a bio-engineering collaborative space called “Hackuarium”. We made a short presentation so we could introduce our projet and get some feedbacks from them. It was a very enriching experience and we got to learn a lot new things about compost and how we can improve our composter. They offered us a lot of help, and connected us to people working on composting from all around Europe so we’ll get a lot of information from them in order to perfect the process we’re working on. We subscribed to their space and now we have a spot where we can make our experiments. Which have already started!

(yes the photos don’t look very disgusting… yet !)

All of our team members are working on the first mock-up of the composter, PCB & electronics, Mechanics and the mobile-application. The business side is now a little bit quieter, but Rihab is making some research about bacterias and other aspect of the transformation process that could be a problem for the user’s health. Don’t worry it’s just precaution to avoid any problem in the future. He’s also working on the landing page that will be uploaded soon and making some research on the pricing. Remember, one of our goal is to make Trobak affordable to everyone !

We’ll be back soon with a lot of news pretty soon, so as always, stay tuned !