Some improvements – Still much work to do

By Nicolas Li May 20, 2017 Discover Livelo project

At the end of this week, we finally managed to implement the most important functionalities of our microcontroller, which was a huge relief! Now we are able to automatically log pressure samples for at least one year (a few lines of code need to be added to extend storage capacity to two years) and the device is ready to be read as well. However this is a proof of concept, we have been using a development board implementing our microcontroller. The goal now is to do the same thing but with our own PCB. In addition to this, another task is to code a proper Android application compatible with our device. Hopefully we can do that before the 3rd milstone.

We have also assembled the pressure sensor and the bottle cap. We will test its waterproofing next week when we’ll go back to the hydraulics laboratory of EPFL.