Take-off day

By Nicolas Li July 13, 2017 Discover Livelo project

Today was D-day: we were finally flying to Hong-Kong! At 8am, we had a last workshop at EPFL, to practice our pitching skills, and learn more about the schedule of the trip.

In the afternoon, Marc made a brief introduction on China and Hong-Kong situation regarding their economy, society and politics.
In order to be ready to face the cultural shock, we played a card game with special rules that we had to understand without talking (but we are not going to spoil this game for next year batch 😉 )
Then we went to Geneva airport by bus and after an endless waiting queue, we finally took off to Frankfurt and Hong-Kong!

12 hours later, we were led to Hong-Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) which would kindly host us for the coming week. We passed along the sea, between the huge harbors and skyscrapers (if one word were to describe the city, I would use “démesure”).  The weather was as expected: sunny, 32°C and very humid.


After visiting the rooms, some of us went to visit Hong-Kong and experienced local food and beers…

This first day was amazing but exhausting!