Team #5 on its way to the Milestone 1

By Timothée Biselx January 6, 2018 Discover CORE project

Dear CHIC Community,

The team #5 from Fribourg wasn’t very active until now, but this is over !
“Team #5″… What an impersonal name ! This is because we have not yet finalized the choice of our CHIC project.

We are on-board since a couple of weeks, more or less one month, but for sure nobody knows who we are !

So let us introduce ourselves : we are 6 young and motivated students, studying in two different schools :

  • Déborah Berset, student from the HEG-FR
  • Timothée Biselx, studying Computer Science in the HEIA-FR
  • Sylvain Oppizzi  student from the HEG-FR
  • Thomas Schaller, studying Computer Science in the HEIA-FR
  • Samuel Trachsel, studying Mechanical Engineering in the HEIA-FR
  • Cédric Udressy, studying Electrical Engineering in the HEIA-FR

During the ideation weekend, we imagined some early solutions which have been abandoned since. But even though creating and searching for ideas is a difficult exercise, we don’t give up !

An example of what a fast brainstorming can produce

We have met several times since the ideation weekend to do some productive brainstorming (or not) and we have now chosen the two topics we want to present during the Milestone 1… which is coming in just a few days !

Our ideas are concerning the fields of food wasting and how to enhance a presentation. We hope to find the great device, which will solve one of these issues.

Now that you know who we are, stay tuned for the next exciting news of the Team #5 ! 🙂