By Samuel Trachsel June 1, 2018 Discover CORE project

Dear CHIC Community

After presenting the latest iteration of the CORE system at the MS3 to our supervisors in Fribourg, we left with some very insightful feedbacks to improve the product.

The interactions between the restaurant owners and the application was a major discussion topic after our presentation. Among other things, the problematic of the weight precision and menu choices has also been mentioned. With this in mind, we have decided that the choice of the meal will no longer be made in grams but with predefined sizes (small, medium, large).

Before and after the MS3, the business students have conducted some interviews in the local takeaway restaurants around our campus and in the city of Fribourg. The results of the survey have shown that there is an interest in a product like the one we are developing but there are certain points that can’t be applied the way we imagined. Again, the problematic around the weight precision was mentioned and justified with the fact that it would take up too much time the serve the exact quantities.

Our software engineers have made great progress for the mobile app and they have been able to demonstrate various functionalities of the system.

Despite the fact that we don’t have a designer on our team, the shape of the device has changed during the past few weeks and we couldn’t decide on the final form of the scale yet. All our features and components have been defined and have now to be assembled into the optimal form.

Now our team is approaching the next milestone, and  with that the end of the semester. We are looking forward to the next steps and the prototyping stage.