MS6 – Take-off day

By Deborah Berset July 11, 2018 Discover CORE project

Dear CHIC colleagues

The last few weeks have been a real push for the CORE team. Indeed we finally created a functional prototype and tested it with a potential customer. The feedback helped us a lot and we know what to change to improve our product.

During the take-off day, we learned a lot about China & Hong Kong and we will do everything to avoid critical incidents, even if some will probably happen 😉 We also had a rich feedback of our pitch and we know that we have to rehearse, rehearse and rehearse again !

After pitches, a lot of information, a few exercises and a very long flight, we finally arrived in Shenzhen !

Today, we discovered the x.Factory and Seeed studios. We could get help from every supervisors and local workers who really helped us with our project. After a long discussion with Lison, we decided to completely change the design of our connected device ! Our current device is functional but we would like to make it smaller. It will be a real challenge for engineers due to every change we have to make.

For the business side of the project, we are still organizing every important date and deadlines we have to respect (as you can see on the pic). We also have to see if our product can fit the Chinese market or can be adapted.

See you tomorrow 🙂

CORE team