Shenzhen Immersion

By Deborah Berset July 15, 2018 Discover CORE project

On Saturday, July the 14th, we had to finish redesigning our product. Because of the lack of designers in the CORE team, Lison helped our mechanical engineer to do it. We will receive the printed device between Tuesday and Wednesday and we can’t wait to see how it looks like !

In the afternoon, the two business students headed to Artop Group (AG), a company providing clients with high-end comprehensive design solutions with integrative planning.


Buildings from the Shenzhen
Design Industrial Park.


Model of the Shenzhen
Design Industrial Park.



Each CHIC team was with Chinese people from AG and it was a very nice experience. Indeed, it was not always easy to communicate and the sound of laughter was everywhere in the room ! Every CHIC team presented its project to the AG people and vice-versa. Their feedback helped us a lot and we could therefore see if it was possible or not to adapt our product in the Chinese market.




Key learnings of the meeting with AG.





Aaaaaand finally the weekend ! To resume our first week in Shenzhen, we could say : a lot of intensive work and not a lot of sleep ! 😉

We couldn’t wait to eventually enjoy a free day !

And today, Monday the 16th, we are back in x.factory to continue the development of our project. Stay tuned for the next posts 🙂