Looking for the Holy Opportunity Spacez

By Antoine Barras November 4, 2018 Discover Tengo project

Hi guys!


Conflict. Coordination. Communication.


These are only a few of the keywords of an intensive workshop on the topic of teamwork.

We set up the basis of our team culture and came up with a first draft of our team contract. This will follow and guide us throughout all the steps of our CHIC project.


We realized how different each members is: different values, working methods, habits etc. This though is not a reason for despair though. To the contrary we believe that putting value in our differences and communicating well will make us achieve even greater things.


So we have a team! What is the next step?


Opportunity space! We have three possible opportunity spaces (heat and productivity, reduction of electricity consumption and foodwaste) each of which will be explored by two people in the team.




Stay tuned to know more!


Lots of love

Team Vukovi