Decision Decisions!

By Tomas Turner November 25, 2018 Discover Tengo project

Dear CHIC Community,

as others have already said, time is ticking.

Next week is already time to present our opportunity space and decisions have to be made.

During the last meeting we decided to drop to spaces that we were very keen on, food-waste in supermarkets and the relationship between heat and loss of productivity. Running interviews we discovered most food is already donated to charities and the latter opportunity was dropped due to the difficulty of finding a proper causation relation.

There are two survivors: food-waste in transportation and in-loco recycling. We will focus on the latter for the milestone as we have more insights on the subject. We have a plan on exploring the opportunity of food-waste in transportation, as it still intrigues us and want to have more data to have a decision grounded in observation.


Got to run back to work!

See you for the next update!

Team Vukovi


P.S. From next week on you will discover the official font of Vukovi communication Ethan is explaining in the picture!