This is only the beginning: meet the friteam!

By Stefania Sergi December 2, 2018 Discover Heptabox project

Dear readers,

This is our first post for this big community!

Let’s start with the presentation of our FRITEAM (name might be change) composed by:
-Stefania Sergi HEG – Business
-Jeanne Moënnat HEG – Business
-Gaël Abdalla HEIA – Electronic Engineering
-Daniel Eicher HEIA – Mechanical Engineering
-Michel Sahli HEIA – Software Engineering
-Jocelyn Mauron HEIA – Software Engineering

We are all very excited to be part of this project.

During the first team meeting we tried to choose one opportunity space among our different ideas.
We still have to make up our minds!

We are looking forward to our next team meeting, stay tuned: the best is yet to come!