Going back to the roots of food

By Antoine Barras December 10, 2018 Discover Tengo project

Dear CHIC community,
Another intensive week has passed.
Monday we had the ideation evening, where through quantitative brainstorming we came out with interesting ideas.
We spent also some time refining our opportunity space.
Vuk and Antoni met with the responsible Swiss recycling Romandie, and we learned that Swiss people are already too good at separating their waste. There is no need for a product tackling the separation.
Tomas interviewed Aurélien Jordan, a farmer of the Domaine du Gallien, with the intention of having more insights on food waste in transportation. From here we learned that actually there are very little problems of food waste in transportation in Switzerland. The distances are short and the climate is temperate.
Finding a real problem to solve seems really hard in a country as well organized as Switzerland…
Luckily we keep a curious mind and ask Mr Jordan where they encounter problems with food waste. The answer is that a lot of food needs to be sorted right after they pick it, and this process takes a lot of time. The sorting takes a lot of time because it is done by hand.
From this insight, our team started to develop a potential solution. This one we will present at MassChallenge on Monday.
Still work has to be done, especially to contact more farmers and people working in the field to understand their problem in a deeper way, but hopefully, we have found something where we can realistically help to improve the situation.
Continue to follow us to see how this mission goes!
Team Vukovi