Milestone 1 done: now is time to action!

By Stefania Sergi December 21, 2018 Discover Heptabox project

Dear readers,

Yesterday we had our Milestone 1 presentation.
The aim was to provide to our supervisors an overview of the work accomplished since the beginning of the project.

We went through different topics. First, we presented the method that we used in order to find our problem statement. We also talked about how we defined our opportunity space, why and how we conducted some interviews and the outcomes. Finally, we provided our two problem statements.

We had such a great number of constructive feedbacks from our experts.

We are looking for our next meetings in order to work on both problem statements. Next step is to organize some observations in both field, nutrition and therapy monitoring. This will help us to focus our attention only on one of them.

Now is time to action, is time to solutions!

Be ready!