Do you listen to your doctor ?

By Basile Ninin February 13, 2019 Discover KNEET project

As we just decided which opportunity space we’re gonna work on, we met a surgeon specialist of the knee, Dr Martin working at CHUV. Indeed we decided we’re gonna work on the following of the leg after injuries and specially when an operation is required. We had plenty of suppositions about which datas could be pertinent for the patient and the professionals. However, we had a few wrong assumptions, and fortunately we have been able to rectify before we went too far in a what would have been, an useless process. Long story short, there is an interest in knowing how and how much the weight is distributed on the feet, plus checking and monitoring when the maximum strenght autorized is used on the leg. Knowing these parameters, allow to inform the patient and his medical carer,  when the position is wrong and then prevent injuries, helping recovering.