Around Ideas

By Basile Ninin February 20, 2019 Discover KNEET project

The last few weeks were tough for the Fogs.

We had a really short time between the MS1 and MS2 ! Indeed we had multiple iterations of the concept, but after an interview with the Dr Julien Favre, specialist on biomechanics, we decided to go for a device able to measure specific parameters of the gait, outside a lab.

We spent the week end working on this idea, but the more we worked on, the less applications and possibilities we had. The medical field has ton of society working on the gait, and the fragility of our idea could have led us in the wall.

Therefore, on Sunday afternoon, after a long discussion among the teammates, we rollback for a device closer of the original concept. We finally decided to help the patient during his rehabilitation process after an ACL surgery, and gave up the idea of a device really helpful for the doctors.

All the workshop we have done have been very helpful, bringing themes and questions as a process thinking, which does help a lot to create and design a product.

We had the luck to finally meet the other teams, and got feedback from them and from the amazing guests such as Dr John Fass, from the Royal College of London, who brought us a new vision on the design and its possible consequences.

Can’t wait to start this project !