Tea driven decisions and prototyping

By Tomas Turner March 19, 2019 Discover Tengo project

Hello everyone!

MS3 is in a few days and decisions have to be done! Thankfully we have tea to calm us down and keep the mood up to keep going!

In the last week, we finalised the customer journey, which has brought to a decision on the features we will work on this semester. Components have been bought and negotiations have started also with a Chinese screen manufacturer.

At the same time tea has accompanied our prototyping. We have a first turning engine. Even if it is small this is a technical proof of concept from which we can develop a bigger one that could turn a platform with exposed products. Not only an engine though. We also have prototyped the first box with a proximity sensor that controls a LED. This will be used in our product to catch the customers attention to our vitrine.

Do you want to see our prototypes? You will have to wait for the MS3 blog-post 😉

Stay tuned!


Team Vukovi