Next step: Milestone 3

By Stefania Sergi March 30, 2019 Discover Heptabox project

Dear CHIC Community,

For our last team meeting, the business students conducted some interviews with some early adaptors such as pharmacists and patients. We are going to present the results during the MS3 presentation.

Some engineering students will do a sum up of the software that we are going to use for our device.
We are still working on the mechanical part.

We decided that our device will have some icons that will show the distribution of the pills, something that will confirm that the pills have been taken from the user and finally, if there is some technical problem with the device.

We defined who is going to do what for MS3 presentation next week. As well as this, we choose which issues we are going to present for MS4 that will take place during the month of May.

Stay tuned!