Milestone 3 is done!

By Stefania Sergi April 5, 2019 Discover Heptabox project

Hello everyone!

During our last Milestone we presented all scenarios to describe how the different users such as patients, relatives and the health staff will interact with our device.


In order to manage the data flow and to ensure the communication between the users and our device we decide to deploy LoRa which is a long-range wireless communication protocol.

In relation to the mechanical part, there will be a compartment that will open the right spot at the right time and therefore will distribute the pills and patient can take them.

We received a lot of feedback from our supervisors and we are going to work on it for the next weeks.

Next step is also to conduct some interviews with some patients to validate our MVP also from their points of view a get others input to improve our first prototype.

Stay tuned!