About the milestone 1

By Moussa Diop April 9, 2019 Discover Tolbi project

Dear CHIC Community,

We’ve done, for the MS1, a lot of meetings, brainstorming sessions and workshops to prepare interviews with our early adopters like agronomists and hydrological experts of École Nationale Supérieure d’Agriculture (ENSA, Thiès, Sénégal) which is a senegalese school which trains engineers in the agriculture’s field. The objective was principally to evaluate hypotheses about the customers’ needs we’ve formulated after interviews. The members in charge of the technical aspects of the project had really appreciated the session because it permitted them to better understand and to pay more attention to the customers’ needs and to know that it isn’t always important to implement the last version of framework or software card to solve their problems.

Stay tuned..


Moussa Diop

From Tolbi