Innovation: a key factor

By Stefania Sergi April 13, 2019 Discover Heptabox project

Dear readers,

Several topics have been discussed during our last team meeting.

First, a part of the group will participate to the IoT Workshop which will take place on May 8th at the Swisscom Digital Lab.

For the next weeks we have a lot of work to do. The business students, Jeanne and Stefania will work on the data ethic of our device and its Business Model.

Regarding our participation to the UBS Innovation Challenge, we will edit a video where we present the CHIC project, the team members and our amazing connected product.

Daniel, who is a mechanical engineering, will work to a 3D video presentation of our device.

Finally, we still have to make up our minds regarding the device’s name and its logo.

Stay tuned!