On the processing road to China production !

By Ilaria Bassi April 21, 2019 Discover KNEET project

Dear followers,

In these last days, we go on improving our project. Our designer Fabien is still test and think to a comfortable and desirable solution for sportsman in rehabilitation after a knee issue (LCA intervention). Alongside, our engineers Jessica and Basile are testing and building the electronical and technical part of the device. We do not forget the work done by our software and user experience engineers, Benoît and Jérémy, who are doing all the best to create the main value of our solution that is the App.

In fact, as you already know, we are in a differentiation strategy to have a competitive advantage on our competitors. To follow this last objective of differentiation strategy, I am working on the business model to segment the right target. We have all together identify two personas who are the sportsman in rehabilitation and physiotherapists to suggest them a facilitating solution for their routine. Furthermore, we have also elaborated a financial plan to keep in mind our costs and to organise the spending.

Regarding next week, we plan to manage the MS4, our last meeting with all our coaches and coordinator. The expectations of MS4 are very clear for us due to our coordinator Cédric who gave us very useful feedback and advices. We will try to cover the different subjects and each member will explain the job done by someone else. This exercise will allow us to practice peaching the different part of the job done to anyone. And it also let us the opportunity to explain to someone else in a simple manner the essential elements.

The other challenge of this week will be to find an appropriate name for our project. We will also elaborate a peach to explain all the concept in less than 2 minutes.

As you can see, a lot of work has already been done by all of us, but the road to China steal have a long journey and we have to work hard to continue to improve and concretise our project.

We would like to take advantage to Easter time to thanks all the person supporting us during this amazing adventure be our coordinator Cédric Junillon, be our coaches and mentors and of course all the people around that are supplying us and still encourage and believe in FOG TEAM.

Wishing you a happy Easter!

See you soon 😉