MS4 done ! … Product concept review

By Alioune Woula Ndiaye May 18, 2019 Discover Tolbi project

As we said in MS3, we exchanged with the managers of ENSA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agriculture) and we were contacted by potential customers, who were attracted by our product and who have a few hectares that they would like to irrigate in an intelligent way. This allowed us to correct some assumptions related to the product to be designed, and to support others; leading to a change in concept. We therefore considered it relevant, in addition to data acquisition and decision support, to integrate automatic irrigation. Our connected object will now be able to decide and act (control of valves and pumps) after analyzing the data collected.  


We validated the choice of sensors and thus the signal conditioning.

Next step, implementation of actuator control, and PCB realization.