Milestone 4 is done!

By Stefania Sergi May 26, 2019 Discover Heptabox project

Dear readers,

Last week we had our Milestone 4 presentation.

We went through different topics. First, we presented our first pitch to the audience. In relation to the business part, we presented the positioning and brand of our device and its business model.
We also talked about data ethics. Especially, which kind of data we are thinking to collect and distribute to third parties.

Finally, we did a first demo of all the engineering part to be sure that everything is working.

We got such a great number of constructive feedback from our experts that we are going to implement in the next weeks. In particular, we will work on the data aspect.

As mentioned, in our last blog post, L’illustré published an article about our project. You can find more details at the following link: . Do not forget the Award Ceremony at the HEG-Fribourg on 28th May.

Stay tuned!