Kneet team in Shenzhen

By Jeremy Roth July 12, 2019 Discover KNEET project

Dear readers,

The Kneet team is well arrived in China. A lot of work has already been accomplished at the x.factory with the help of the wonderful Seeed Studio team. The app is slowly but surely taking shape, and we soon will be able to see a live preview of an exercise accomplished with the Kneet device.

Yesterday, some of us visited K-Tek, a 3D knitting company around Dongguan, 150km of Shenzhen. We discussed with them about an offer for the production of the Knee brace and it’s looking like the company is really interested working with us ! Two prototypes will be produced, one that stays pretty simple and based on our model and another one, that has already produces in collaboration with the MIT.

Apart from these exciting news, all students and teachers being part of the CHIC adventure are pleased being able to discover a new culture and to collaborate with people in Shenzhen !

More coming soon, stay updated !