PCB, K-tech and X-Factory

By Basile Ninin July 18, 2019 Discover KNEET project

Hi readers,

This week has been very intense for everyone !

Our dear business explored the differents places where we thought we may sell the product. However, in china, neither pharmacy or hospital sell these products, but we found after disscussions with the Chineses, which way is the more relevant. Also today, Ilaria is meeting sportsmen and women to introduce them the product and get feedbacks.

On the PCB/hardware advancement, we’ve never been so close to have everythings working out. Also we had the luck to get the best welcome possible from Jordi Montaner, Innovation Engineer @ K-Tech ! All the staff there made everything possible to help and receive us awesomely.

Our designer has been working with for a week now, and at the end of the day, the final version will see the daylight.

Almost every module is ready, now we just need to assemble.

Looking forward to show the KNEET