Thinking Big: Hibachi is ready to enter the game!

By Jacob Hernández Sánchez May 28, 2016 Edition CHIC 2015-2016Discover Hibachi project

The last milestone is done. Expectations are high for what is going to happen in China!!

This is how hibachi will look like at the end:







There is nothing more gratifying that giving birth to an idea and watching it grow. And during the process of transformation, acknowledge the self development of the team that is working towards achieving that goal.

There is no such thing as successful products, there are successful companies.

We are thinking now to project and spread our identity as a group of people who believe in something and therefore those others who do it as well will be our early adopters through which the innovation diffusion is going to begin.

This is a graphical description of the ideas on innovation diffusion that Everett Rogers put across so wisely in his publications in 1962:


Our critical target is the group of early adopters.  It is not after that 13.5% of the penetration, that the real diffusion begins: the early majority and the late majority would only buy our product after there is “no fear of trying” and will prefer us against our competition not because of what we sell, but because of what we represent for them.

What we are going to sell is irrelevant, no matter how many features it will have: battery or no battery, connected or not connected.

Imagine how illogical is, for example, to buy a watch from a computer company!  Who does that? Why?

Well, ask the crazy ones who firstly tried the Apple Watch, who were willing to try something new and illogical and expend their money on it, because they subconsciously believed that they deserve it: they identified with the company.

Indeed, people buy products because of themselves, on how they make them feel. They don’t care about the product and the technology itself. The key to success in  technology push is to create new ways in which people can connect with themselves and feel better because of it.

We are now focusing on preparing our image, based on a reason to buy and not a product to sell.

As our lately well though pitches have stood for: We are bringing people harmony in their daily lives, to take control on their nutrition at any time and any moment: for those who embrace their health awareness, having a dietary restriction, doing intermittent fasting, eating only biologically grown products, counting calories, etc.

We want them to feel the liberation from the oblivious status quo of having to depend on places, schedules, and other people to be able to enjoy a pleasant meal. And what a better experience than that of eating what we carefully prepared at home, with our special touch 😉

For those who believe in us: hibachi is for you, not anyone else… it is just for the self-centered, elegant, and modern people…   as we the fathers of hibachi make this company to be.

Stay tuned!