Designed in Switzerland, manufactured in China

Each team is made of 6 students. Team members have a defined area for which they are responsible. Each student in the team needs to take responsibility for one or two roles depending on the project’s complexity. It’s important that you have the necessary basic skills and education to perform these roles or to quickly learn to perform them.

Roles in teams


You will have to select and implement mechanical solutions and related manufacturing processes. You will collaborate with the industrial designer to select the materials and respect the industrial design intent. You will also have to collaborate with the PCB designer for the integration of the electronic. You will refine your design in order to improve manufacturability and assembly. You will create specifications for production and assembly.


You will need to perform the electronic component and modules selection in collaboration with the firmware developper. You will implement the schematic design, libraries and pcb layout. You will specify the files for the production and assembly. You will have to debug and test the board in collaboration with the firmware developper. 


You will participate in the selection of electronic components, modules and the overall hardware and software architecture. You will develop the embedded software in order to perform the defined product functions with the intended user experience. You will debug the hardware in collaboration with the engineer who designed the PCB.


You will participate in the definition of the hardware and software architecture. You will develop the software back-end, front-end and or apps and debug them until they are fully functional. You will collaborate with the interaction / UX designer to provide the intended experience to the user.


You will research potential business models, define related assumptions and start to test them. Your will have to refine the value proposition by running customer discovery interviews and other experiments. You will have to manage the project and make sure that the team performs well and delivers on time. You will research the size of the opportunity and different possible ways to enter the market(s). 


Your objective is to design the product. You will explore possible shapes and designs through sketching, rapid prototyping and experimentation. You will study, analyze and refine the different facets of the design (functional, ergonomical, etc.). You will create renderings and visuals to communicate your ideas. You will collaborate with the mechanical engineer to select the  adequate materials and to transform the design into a manufacturable product.


You will create and refine the user experience and interface through prototyping and experimentation on actual users. To do so, you will collaborate with the rest of the team to perform interviews and tests on targeted customer segments. The objective is to create simple,  intuitive yet effective interactions with the product software, content and information.


You will develop a visual language for the product. This includes work on naming, logo, color scheme, typography and layout. Your objective is to create visuals that express the value proposition in a compelling way. You will also create a website in collaboration with the team. 

CHIC is not for the faint-hearted. You need to be highly motivated and ready to give 100%. Be ready to fail and start over. The team relies on you to deliver a part of the product so you need to be autonomous and responsible for your area. You will work in a cross functional and cross cultural setting so you need to be open-minded and learn communicate your work, challenges and trade-offs to team members who do not have your background.


To collaborate in a cross functional team

To build a product that people want

That no manufacturing plan survives the first contact with factories

That failure is a necessary path to success

That communication and culture are inseparable

To manage a project across geographical and cultural boundaries

That innovation starts and ends with people

A lot of things about yourself

The first step in CHIC is to participate in the Ideation Week-end at EPFL in Autumn