HandiMap allows people with reduced mobility to easily find a parking space using a platform and a connected object



HandiMap promotes smart parking for disabled people. In other words, allows people with reduced mobility to easily find a parking space using an application especially dedicated to them and a connected pole.


Our team took this path to design a promising solution to simplify dibbled people's lives


Realtime availabilities

The pole capture the status of a parking spot and inform you in real time of their availability.

Fraud alert

A led is integrated to the pole to disuade unauthorized people to park.


The access is restricted to people with reduce mobility only. Moreover, we do not keep any information about your identity.


We care about the understandability of our system. We help you step by step to be sure you understand how to use the application.

It has never been so easy to find a parking spot

HandiMap allows you to find the perfect parking spot around you. All parking spots of Switzerland are displayed on a map. Moreover, it is indicated if the spot is occupied or free in real time! When you have made your choice, you only have to click on a spot and let the application guides you to it!

Application render

Team members

Profile picture of Bastien Mossier
  • Bastien Mossier

  • HEG-FR
Profile picture of Laurent Chassot
  • Laurent Chassot

  • User Experience
Profile picture of Kushtrim Mehmetaj
  • Kushtrim Mehmetaj

  • Business
  • HEG-FR
Profile picture of Meindi zahiri
  • Meindi zahiri

Profile picture of Alessandro Pongelli
  • Alessandro Pongelli

  • Mechanical Engineering
Profile picture of Florent Kilchoer
  • Florent Kilchoer

  • Software Engineering

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