First steps

By Bruno Produit December 19, 2016 Edition CHIP 2016-2017Discover Pɘggy project

Hey everybody and welcome to our first Blog-Post.

The CHIC-Project has officially started with the ideation weekend in November!
Based on the wide range of information we gained during this two days we now fixed our idea.
We are aiming to build a connected Piggy bank for kids,
which will be defined more precisely in the following weeks and months.
We presented this idea in front of our professors, who gave us their approval!

This blog is going to give insights about the advancing of the project and mostly the trip to China,
therefore we will continuing to keep you up to date for the next 6 months.

The next step will be the Kickoff on February 18th, 2017!

Until then Merry Christmas,
Team Fribourg