By Tabea Estermann February 20, 2017 Edition CHIP 2016-2017Discover ShuQi project

In a very informative one day session on February 18, we got ready to get the project going. During the last months, we were already working on some prototypes and the engineers have already developed a functioning system. We also have some first interface screenshots of the application, which is to further develop and a proposition of the product design. All of these are subject to constant change.


In discussion with our supervisors we came to new ideas and questions, we will try to build on in the following weeks. Furthermore we connected to Trello, that will enable us to stay on track with the different tasks and navigate our journey through the wild waters of milestones and assignments. We enjoyed the day at EPFL, meeting all the other groups, exchanging our ideas and getting inspiration from Alex. In the end of the day, we presented our cardboard prototype to the audience and answered the questions. We are looking forward to working on the project.